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  •      The Rummary Lecture

  •    Was instigated as a regular but variable occasion for Fellows Guests and Associates by the Faculty in memory of the Secretary and Founders.

  •       When The Corporation of Secretaries was merged and taken over by The Chartered Institute of Secretaries an approach around that time was also made to The Faculty of Secretaries and after discussion and presentation to Executive and Fellows, it was decided by the Faculty to remain independent.  The Faculty had built up a body of respect of its own and was a well established examining body a particular syllabus of its own supported by training through the most recognised of correspondence schools, local institutions and overseas bodies.

  •        When the Faculty met in 2009 the Executive Directors proposed that The Rummary Lecture to established and that it be distinct in nature, challenging and complementary to other key business events.  (The Worshipful Company of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators holds 'The RIvers Lecture'.  Faculty feels that it was inappropriate to found a livery company in the 20th Century which was Insitute specific rather than industry-specific i.e. the Livery Company should have been for all Secretaries and Administrators not just Chartered and that this was non-inclusive and harks back to the days when exclusivity rather than inclusivity was socially acceptable)
          Whilst maintaining an opportunity for Fellows, Associates, Licentiates and MACS to be the invited speaker
    the opportunity will also be available to the wider community with the objective of ensuring lectures which are stimulating and thought-provoking and representative of the liberal and progressive body of secretaries which the Faculty aims to be.
         The First Rummery Lecture will be held in 2011.

      • The Rivers Lecture

        The Rivers Lecture is held in conjunction with the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators and the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Commercial Education Trust.

        Peter Rivers, after whom this Lecture is named was a member of The Institute of Chartered Secretaries for almost 50 years and a Fellow from 1943.  He served with distinction as a member of Council from 1957-73. He was elected President in 1970 – an important year in which the merger of the Corporation of Secretaries with the Institute was smoothly and successfully accomplished.  He devoted a great deal of his life to charitable purposes, and the Institute’s Educational Trust and the Benevolent Fund both benefited from his support. He also made a generous provision for an annual series of lectures, which now bear his name and have an important part in the Institute’s calendar.  He died in 1977.

        The first lecture was held on 2 May 1972 at the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House, St James’ Square. Lord Redcliffe-Maud spoke on The Indispensability of the Administrator.

        At the second lecture, on 3 May 1973, Lord Robens spoke on The Growing Bureaucracy, and on 6 June 1974, The Rt Hon George Thomson spoke on How the EEC Works. Lord Hailsham was the speaker in 1976.

        The Worshipful Company of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators started its own annual series of lectures in 1988. The first lecture was held at City University on 2nd March 1988 with sponsorship from Rank Xerox.  After ten years the Institute and the Company considered that it was not practical to hold two lectures effectively in competition with one another, so in 1998 the Company took over the Rivers Lecture with financial support from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Commercial Education Trust. The first combined lecture took place in March 1998 at the Drapers’ Hall when Mr Bernard Harty, Town Clerk and Chamberlain to the Corporation of London, spoke on The Future Governance of London.

        See Past Presenters page for a list of speakers in subsequent years.