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Alumni page

This page is for former registrants
  certificate holders and alumni who wish to update their registration, obtain copies and transcripts and historical data.  The Faculty is always pleased to hear from former certificate holders, Licentiates, Associates and Fellows.
Academic Dress:  Details of appropriate academic dress can be found by visiting the Burgin Society's website.
The teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
For a long period of time during the last century, the Faculty offered and examined qualification's in TEFL former faculty graduands or registrants are now eligible for the appropriate level of membership of The Society of Teachers in Business Education (Formerly The Society of Commercial Teachers) with The Faculty of Teachers in Commerce.
Persons who wish to pursue a qualification in TEFL are recommended to seek a training establishment with accreditation from The College of Teachers will be eligible for both SBT and CoT Membership at appropriate levels subject o acceptance.
Helping your colleagues in Secretaryship and Administration (recommend a friend)
Over the last 50 years, a number of small professional associations (and some larger) have bit the dust or merged leaving loyal members stranded without a professional home and in some cases without qualification entitlement.  This has often been for genuine reasons however the unacceptable side of closure, merger and takeover has left members stranded.  The Faculty of Secretaries placed the loyalty of its members high on the list of valuable qualities and will consider sympathetically members of former bodies who wish to apply for registration with FCS.  Please see the 'Our History' page for a downloadable
application form.
Listen Value Invest
LVI is a key third sector campaign to improve the Parliamentary view and support of infrastructure in the not for profit sector in the North West of England and similar campaigns exist elsewhere.  The Faculty commends its member's support.