QUALIFYING list of awards considered for faculy credit

ABC Awarding Body - appropriate NVQ subjects in  Administration, Book-keeping.
 GCSE Advanced Level Certificates in appropriate subjects
Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance - Appropriate Business Subjects
LCCI - London Chamber of Commerce Higher Certificates
RSA and later OCR Stage 3 or Advanced Certificates
ONC/D Ordinary National Certificates and Diplomas in whole or part
Correspondence School and Distance Learining Awards equal to the above
HNC/D  Higher National Certificates and Diplomas in relevant subjects
CII - Chartered Insurance Institute, Certificate/Diploma/Advanced Diploma
PFS - Personal Finance Society, Certificate/Diploma/Advanced Diploma
Polytechnics (UK - Former) Associateships and internal Diplomas
CNAA - Council for National Academic Awards - degress as appropriate
Chartered Institute of Arbitrators - examined courses as appropriate
Regional Colleges (former) Diplomas
The Certificate for Local Council Clerks and other related awards for Clerks of Town and Parish Councils.
UNIVERSITIES:  UK State Certificates/Diplomas/Degrees - as appropriate
UNIVERSITY OF BUCKINGHAM - diplomas and degrees as appropriate.
OVERSEAS UNIVERSITIES Individually by analysis of programme and assessment unless specifically
covered in this list.
ST CLEMENTS UNIVERSITY network where verified by local centre and attendance.  Applies only to
St Clements Univeristy not reciprocating bodies unless specifically mentioned elsewhere.
ON-LINE UNIVERSITIES Individually by analysis and evidence unless specifically covered in this list
FORMER Negus-Premier College, Bradford by individual subject Certifiate or Diploma
COLLEGES Endorsed by The Society of Teachers in Business Education/YDA
ABC Awarding Body Consortium in relevant subjects and level.
HIGHFIELD Awarding Body for Compliance in relevant subjects and level
EDEXCEL Awarding Body in relevant subjects and level
Institute of Directors - Certificate and Diploma in Company Direction.  Also the Chartered Director as a
contribution to Fellowship Assessment.
The Institute of Chartered Secretaties and Administrators - relevant examination papers but on an exclusive
basis only (i.e. only one membership or practiscing link acceptable) plus evidence of committment to liberal
and keep it simple principles.
The Co-operative College
Preston College: Internal awards of the Preston College on an individual basis.
BRITISH SOCIETY OF COMMERCE(Awards of the former examining board of BSC subject to cessation)
THE CHARTERED INSURANCE INSTITUTE (subject by subject as relevant to syllabus)
NEGUS-PREMIER COLLEGE, BRADFORD (Former)(subject by subject as relevant to syllabus)
The Society of Teachers in Business Education - examined awards as appropriate
The Faculty of Teachers in Commerce - examined awards as appropriate
The Youth Development Association - Administration parts and any liaison, group work or dispute resolution parts.
UK Youth Achievement Awards as entry qualifications.